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Customers Requirement

We were asked to design a folding side step system which would meet the needs of our customer's client. The specification was as follows:

  1. Steps to run the length of the vehicle body.
  2. Steps to fold out of the way when not in use.
  3. Ease of use for the driver.
  4. Be reliable with low maintenance for the vehicle operator.
  5. Have excellent corrosion resistance.
  6. Must be robust but light in weight and work well in a very harsh environment.

Design Phase

We were given a size envelope within which our step design was required to fit. Using the latest CAD techniques various drawings were created until we were satisfied that we could provide a suitable product to meet the brief. Consideration had to be given to issues such as ensuring that the rear wheel of the vehicle could be removed in case of a puncture or for routine maintenance to be undertaken. A key part of the design decision process was that corrosion resistant materials and coatings had to be used including stainless steel, brass, aluminium together with galvanising of the steel parts.

These steps need to have a long and trouble free life so we made sure that all of the wearing parts were designed in such a way that many thousands of operations could be achieved without failure. Overall weight had to be kept to a minimum whilst not sacrificing strength.


A prototype step system was manufactured by our skilled fabricators and machinists, that was then sent to our customer for fitting and approval. Once fitted the steps were approved and the design made ready for production.

Finished Product

This product is now regularly in production and performing in line with our planned expectations. We have since the original production run made some minor teaks to the design in order to accommodate other changes in specification. This has been completed with ease by our skilled draughtsmen and seamlessly been incorporated into the process, demonstrating our ability to work flexibly in a strategic partnership with our customers.

Customer Feedback

RGT Engineering have produced a product for us which has met all of our design requirements. The steps have been designed and manufactured to a high standard, delivered on time and, most importantly, been very well received by our client.

“Solomon Commercials have been dealing with RGT Engineering for over 30 years, I think that speaks volumes.“

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Michael Solomon